John and Sonny decided to build the shelter that will eventually house the piglets we plan to raise.  They figured out the design yesterday and got all their supplies together along with a late afternoon Lowes run to buy some 8 foot long 2x6s and and 2x4s. The sides of the building would be made from scrap pieces of metal from previous projects.

Hold that board straight Sonny.

The design is simple. It is a low A frame structure with three enclosed sides. That will keep drafts from blowing in even though the front is left open. The pigs will have plenty of room to stretch out or pile up on one another. The plan is to raise them from April until about October or November when they will reach an optimum weight for butchering. I really don’t like that word nor do I like slaughtering but that is what it is called. Our hogs will have a nice comfortable place to enjoy life, shelter, plenty of food, and of course every hogs dream, a mud hole. I think the term hog processing sounds much better.

Mother nature tested John and Sonny all day. She poured rain, pelted hail and gave them a small treat of sunshine now and then. The temperature was chilly, then warm and back to chilly. John and Sonny worked undaunted, dodging into the truck when the weather turned really nasty. At one point when Carol and I had come out to make them a cup of coffee the sun disappeared and hail came pouring down.

One more nail.

We jumped into the truck cab and John and Sonny took cover in the just finished pig hooch with their cups in hand. We could not see them from our vantage point but could imagine them crouched inside, safe and dry, sipping on cups of java. Their job was done for today and it was a job well done. No pig could ask for a better shelter. The fencing will have to be put up another day.

Screwing down the roof.

When the pigs do finally arrive and happen to escape I am sure it will always be John’s pig. I have his phone number on speed dial.



  1. James Bates says:

    would this be the guest house, if I would ever come to visit! lol….don’t worry, I will die of old age before I get enough money to travel.

  2. Rich says:

    Super idea on the piglets. That said, one good sow and boar and you’ll have plenty plenty because they breed so very often and have so very many piglets. xx If not interested in that, no worries. I will say however that they will easily get under anything at ground level unless you’ve went below the ground on fencing etc. etc. I speak from experience. xx Also, if there is a bit of “hunter” in you, I can only imagine the opportunity (considering where you are) without even having to raise even one. xx Best of luck either way!

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