With the greenhouse set up there was no excuse not to start planting some seeds.  I washed out last years dirt remnants from my plastic pots, most of which were left overs from seedlings we had bought from a nursery last year.  This year we want to try to start all our own seedlings.  Now I am no expert at this and can’t remember what I had for breakfast let alone the time frame for planting, so I followed what Carol has started.  I guess at some point the information will eventually seep into my brain cells.  Maybe I need a little brain fertilizer to grow some more cells.  Actually I just need to take the time to write everything down to use as a reference for next year.  You can get information on the internet and in books but sometimes the experience of seasoned gardeners in your area works best.

I set up my workspace which is an old double wash tub and stand that we bought at the flea market last year.  I found a spare shelf that we had taken out of a cabinet and placed it across the top of one of the wash tubs. It covered the top of the tub perfectly and works well as a table top, plus I can stash some supplies underneath in the tub for storage.  The other wash tub works great for holding my bag of organic potting soil.  That way I don’t have to bend down or lift the bag to scoop the soil out.

Wash Tub Work Table

Today I planted Beefsteak tomatoes, California Wonder peppers, and Lima beans. The Lima bean seeds were saved from last years crop.  I didn’t add any fertilizer to the soil because it already contains a sufficient amount to start the seedlings. I bought some colored popsicle sticks at the craft store to tuck into the pots as labels.  A shower of water, some sunshine and warm temps should get these seeds sprouting.  Hopefully it stops raining long enough for the garden to dry out and Sonny can till it.


One last note.  While I was gone on vacation we lost one of our precious little hens.  It’s possible that she is setting on a hidden nest somewhere, but we have not seen hide nor feather of her.  Unfortunately losing some of your chickens to predators is part of farm life.  Its a tough smack of reality sometimes but she had a good life here at PHF.  She had shelter, plenty of food and water, love, and the freedom to roam about the farm enjoying her simple chicken life to its fullest.  Isn’t that the kind of freedom we all want?


3 Responses to PLANTING SEEDS

  1. Pat Jobe says:

    You are getting a good head start on the weather. I hope everything goes good for you. I got 2 blueberry bushes and they are in my bathroom window and they have blooms already. wish I had your greenhouse. Good luck.

  2. ron says:

    the algriculture extension office in west union,zona hutson, agent has free calanders with dates for starting seeds
    just call and they will send u 1
    i envy your greenhouse

    its possable your missing hen is setting
    they look for out of way corner and will hide eggs
    usually they come off nest briefly to eat and run back on
    in 21 days show up with peeps

  3. Rich says:

    Don’t forget about the potato!!! With good soil you can grow them from south to north and even dig them up even in the foulest of weather. xx We used to reaise them every year, put them in a wood basket in the basement, and, they lasted all winter. Just a thought if you have a free furrow or two.

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