I know some of you commented that you were envious of our greenhouse, but now you don’t need to be.  We had a huge storm come through today with a wind that blew through like a hurricane.  It destroyed our little greenhouse, blowing pieces of it to parts unknown. I went out later and assessed the damage.  Parts were strewn around the farm as if a bomb had been let off. The panes were blown across the creek and some floated down the creek. I don’t know if it is able to be repaired. Most of the frame structure is cracked and broken in two and green shards of plastic are visible in the grass.


At least nothing else was damaged.  I can repot the seeds and yes I’m upset, but you can’t cry about what happened.  Whats done is done and in the scheme of things the loss of one little greenhouse is nothing compared to what the Japanese and others have recently lost around us.  I am sure we will do something to replace it eventually.


10 Responses to NOW YOU HAVE IT, NOW YOU DON’T

  1. ron says:

    i am so sorry for your damage
    we had high winds in another part doddridge co where i live
    it accually blew cast iron furniture off my porch
    saw my garbage can lid half way up hill
    was so happy i finished fixing fence after winter damage
    am sure will be trees across fence when i check tomorrow

    hope greenhouse can be repaired so i can return to envying

    • lkjobe says:

      Thanks Ron,
      Sure hope you don’t have any trees across your fence. There were multiple trees across the road my cousin lives on. I am sure many of our Doddridge neighbors will be making various repairs to damaged goods. Just hope all are safe and well.

  2. Judi says:

    We are so sorry but extremely grateful that was all that happened!!!Hang in there We love you!

  3. Sonny says:

    Weatherbug said there were up to 70mph winds.

  4. ron says:

    did the remains survive the windstorm in middle of nite?
    i hope it not blow into the solar panel behind it

    • lkjobe says:

      We tied the big parts to the garden fence and they stayed there through the rest of the storm. I emailed Rion (the company who makes them) and asked them if they sold replacement parts. If they do I will survey the damaged parts and get a order in. If not, who knows. It may be duct tape and strapping or the trash.

  5. James Bates says:

    goodness….wonder how you could isolate the greenhouse from blowing away again, when you get it up again. dang….is there a more sturdy structure you can buy?

    • ron says:

      Hindsight is 20/20. Wonder if house trailer tie-down straps would have been good idea? Way back in the 70’s I bought one of those metal 10×10 sheds with million screws to assemble worked all day putting together.

      This was in days before battery power tools to install screws I was so proud, had saved up extra cash for long time to buy that nigh a windstorm took my shed rolling down meadow I followed trail of sheets of tin to the sad remains I reassembled my shed
      it looked like car wreck, steam roller attack, with indoor hammer throwing event, but was usable, as long as doors not needed,or non-leaking roof.

      Hope insurance cover or can get repair parts.

      good luck
      been thinking of it all day

      • lkjobe says:

        I got an email from Rion today and they told us to come up with an inventory of needed replacement parts and they will do up a work order with cost.

        We plan to anchor it down this time. We had just completed it and intended to to to Lowe’s for anchors the next day but the storm caught us off guard before we could get to town.

        We did some bomb damage assessment today and will be working up the replacement parts list in a couple of days.

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