I know, I’m sorry, I haven’t put up a blog for the past few weeks.  There is a very good reason for that, I was visiting my family in Delaware and forgot to take my laptop with me.

I had a great visit with family and got to see almost everyone. The downside to it all was that Sonny was in Okinawa when the earth quake and tsunami hit Japan.  I got a phone call at about four o’clock in the morning from him letting me know that he was ok.  He wanted to give me a heads up before I got up that morning and saw the catastrophe spread across the news and freaked out.  At that time Okinawa was bracing for a possible tsunami to hit them.

Of course I couldn’t go back to sleep and I had to find out what happened.  We were all glued to the TV for days and were horrified at the pictures coming across the screen.  Sonny had been in Tokyo Japan just the week before and all flights from Okinawa have to layover in Tokyo before heading to the States. I was afraid he might have a problem getting out of there.  Then the problems with the Nuclear reactors started.  It was horrible not knowing if he would get out, but thank God he was able to get a flight out that following Monday.

I’ve a mind to hog tie him and not allow him to leave Pot Hole Farm ever again. It was a nerve racking and stressful week, but I am glad that he is back home where he belongs. Please keep the people of Japan in your prayers.  I’m afraid they may need them for a long time to come. I’m grateful that my husband is safe and sound, but there are many who are missing their loved ones and have lost everything. I won’t forget them.



  1. cdndirtbags says:

    Very glad to hear your hubby is home safe and sound! I can’t imagine how worried you must have been. What does he do that he was over there?

  2. James Bates says:

    goodness girl, can’t imagine the stress both of you had, I guess more so for you, but if I know Sonny he had to be worried about you being worried about him. <did I say that right. Glad everyone is ok.

  3. sandy says:

    Glad husband is alright. Interesting that you were visiting family in Delaware. What part. I’ve lived in Delaware.

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