February 6, 2011



We don’t have a work truck for Pot Hole Farm yet.  We usually borrow John’s flatbed truck Festus for all our large loads, like the other day when we purchased a cabinet and a 24′ extension ladder.  My 2005 Jeep Liberty fills in for all other jobs and so I have appropriately named it The Dirt Mobile.  As work vehicles go it is persistently filthy.

It has carried dirty dogs, loads of lumber, bales of straw, chickens and guineas.  Last summer it was bags of potting soil, flats of flowers and gardening tools.  This past fall we even loaded it down with cut logs we found along the road. The back seat is covered in dog hair and dirty paw prints and a few minutes ago when I opened the door to remove a parcel Moby jumped in and added his muddy footprints to the mix.

Dirt Mobile / Work Vehicle

That’s life on the farm.  You use whats available to get the job done.  Now that we have days that the frozen pot hole infested, rutty road has thawed out my Jeep looks like we have been out mud bogging.  Come Summer it will be covered in a veil of road dust.  Until we are able to purchase a truck it will have to continue to be the work horse, but thats ok, it’s already proven its up to the task.


February 3, 2011



Moby has been resting and recovering all day.  I figure by tomorrow he will be back to normal and terrorizing us all again.  Last night he just wanted to be held.

I still feel woozy.


There are seven boxes to the greenhouse just waiting to be opened and put together.  Thats not going to happen until this snow and ice are gone.  I sure hope its easy to put together.  Sonny and I are not known for our building abilities even if it is a big puzzle.  We are still fighting the leaks on the shower we put in.  We will have to get some professional to put in a real tile one this Spring. So we will keep our fingers crossed that all the pieces needed to build the greenhouse are there in those boxes and that I can keep Sonny following the directions.

Boxes full of Greenhouse puzzle pieces.


February 2, 2011



I thought mom said tutored not neutered.

Could you please stop the merry-go-round? I don't feel so good.

This should help slow down Moby the Destroyer.  We all warned him it was coming.  Poor little kitty.


February 1, 2011



UPS delivered our RION EcoGrow Greenhouse kit the other day. This 6×10 honey should take care of our early gardening needs with no problems.

Now all we have to do is wait the snow to melt.

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