The digital weather alert that sits by the bed let out a screech that could wake the dead at about five o’clock this morning. I was already awake and figured it would go off at some point. All night the house shuddered from the sonic booms of thunder along with lightening that flashed in the windows like a blinking lighthouse signal. We were pelted with rain and rounds of hail that bounced off the metal roof and the air conditioner in the bedside window that Sonny never had a chance to remove before winter. That’s ok it’s ready for the August heat wave that is sure to come later this summer.

The weather alert informed me that we were under a tornado watch until one o’clock this afternoon. I decided I might as well get up and get dressed. If a tornado came through I didn’t want to be blown away wearing my jammies. I’d would rather look respectable while swirling in a windy tunnel. It would be better if I could ride my bicycle through the air with Moby in a basket on the back, or row in a boat. I just don’t want my house to land on a witch wearing striped socks. I’d rather not take that trip at all.

Mother nature finally ended her temper tantrum but continued to stay in a black mood and cried all afternoon. It was a big change from her sunny and warm disposition of the past few days and her foul mood today put us all in the dumps.

Yesterday I was able to pull up the dead petunias out of the front flower bed and clip back my purple irises. I went ahead and planted a couple of thornless black satin blackberry bushes that Sandy from Two Lynnes Farm had given me from her garden. We will see if they survive. My spring bulbs are busting through the soil and I saw some blooms of yellow crocus peeking through the mud. I’m sure Mother Nature will have a few more angry outbursts, she always does when the seasons change. We just have to be prepared for them.

Today was


7 Responses to STORMY WEATHER

  1. Judi says:

    Always hated those Flying Monkeys!!!!!!! Glad you weathered the storm safely!!! Just started here about 30 min ago, just some rain!!!!Nothing to severe Thank the Lord!!!!!

  2. Pat Jobe says:

    Glad somebody waits as eagerly as I do for your post. Also glad you weathered the storm without any damages. Mother nature has been in an uproar here also.

  3. James Bates says:

    Was thinking about “not here from you”. Your last post that I remember, you had cabin fever. I was worrying that it might have developed into the dreaded Cabin Flu….. doesn’t sound like it now…thank goodness.

    I make sure I take my stripped socks, just incase… is a sure fire way to get a house to land on ya.

    Glad the weather has not beaten you two down, GOOD TO HEAR YA

  4. Sonny says:

    And this all happens to you when I’m on work travel. Hope no trees came down along the road back to town. If so, give John a call and he will clear them with his chainsaw.

  5. Sonny says:

    You did a great job describing the storm. I almost felt the wind blowing my hair.

    • lkjobe says:

      Glad you all enjoyed it. The wind would have blown your wispies all around your head. I’m kind of partial to those wispies.

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