It was ten degrees outside this morning when I went out to take care of morning chores.  The clouds hung like heavy gray drapes across the sun.  Another cold dreary day lay ahead for this off grid girl.

The guineas were hunkered down in the pole barn.  Even they didn’t want to venture out.  They know me now and make soft squeaking noises, as soft a sound as guinea can make, when they see me coming with a can of corn scratch.  Their water bowl looked like ice cube trays that have been in the freezer too long.  You know the kind, no matter how you twist the trays, beat them against the sink, or grit your teeth they aren’t coming out and when they do they shatter into chunky shards.

We use the black rubber feed bowls and I can usually twist and press on the sides a little bit to free the block of ice water inside.  Not happening today.  I had to poke it with a tool handle to break it up.  If I had some flavored syrups I could have made Italian ice cones for the guineas.

The chickens water bowl wasn’t as frozen but the flock was upset with a case of cabin fever or should I say coop fever.  The rooster sounded like he was crowing “let us out” in my left ear the entire time I was feeding up, while the hens surrounded my feet and pecked at the snow on my boots.  Too cold for them to be out today.

Sweep the snow off the panels, turn on the generator, carry in a few loads of wood and I was ready for breakfast.  The rest of the day was spent sitting by the wood stove, keeping it fed and reading or playing scrabble on the computer.  It’s too cold to do anything.  I have a million projects I could do, but I think I just need some warm sun on my shoulders and the sight of some green grass, anything but grey skies and white snow. I need some bright color. Even the dog is unenthused.

Moby did try to cheer me up today. I found his gift of a mauled  frozen mouse laying on the rug at my bedside.  I’m not sure how he got it past me when I let him in.  Maybe Ruby was an accomplice to the surprise.  I’m just glad he didn’t decide to hide it with the POW crinkle balls.

Well, it’s time to get back to that book and a cup of hot chocolate.  Brighter days are ahead.



  1. Sonny says:

    Warm weather is just around the corner. Hang in there.

  2. James Bates says:

    I am with Sonny, hang in there. You Sonny need to visit South Alabama. But it has been cold and dreary here too. But we are getting a full dose of sun for the next three or four days. We are gearing up for Spring Break in a couple of weeks. I will pray that you get a dose of sun, If the Lord wills it, you will get it soon.

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