It’s that time of year we all look forward to with such excitement.  Its a time when those of us who itemize bring out the boxes of receipts that have been accumulated through the year.  Such a grand time it is to spend your afternoon separating, labeling each and every one, most of which are so faint that you can barely read them, because the gas stations and restaurants are too cheap to change the ink cartridge in their cash register or whatever it is they use.  Charcoal would be more readable.  Total them up three or four times and your finished.  The CPA can do the rest.

Whats that total?

Hopefully we won’t owe any more than we have already paid in, but you never know.  That’s the excitement of it.  It’s a waiting game.  Did we break even, win a prize, or do I owe my kidney?



4 Responses to AHH TAX SEASON

  1. Rich Wilson says:

    Ohh no, it’s not just “cheap ink”. Here is a fact: Some/many receipts are being made now days to go “faded” after a certian number of days. No kidding!!! I close family member of a big chain working there 25+ years told me that, and, recently I bought a riding lawnmower and the cashier told me the same and to SCAN IT IN so it doesn’t fade because my warranty is for one year. xx What a friggin shame huh? xxx The funniest part of all this to me was, my “riding lawnmower” to me was considered a “lawn tractor” to then. I’m like “tractor” are you friggin kidding? Just because you John Deers LAWN MOWER pulls a friggin trailor doesn’t have anything to do with the work TRACTOR does. xx Well, just conversation and I digress. Be well.

  2. Sonny says:

    Get them Rich. Lawn tractor, Spawn tractor.

  3. James Bates says:

    photo copy your receipts, the staple the orginal to the photo copy, BOOM baby ya got it! BOOM SHACKLA LACKLA LACKLA lol

    If you need a extra Kidney, I already gave mine last year….good luck

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