Moby has been resting and recovering all day.  I figure by tomorrow he will be back to normal and terrorizing us all again.  Last night he just wanted to be held.

I still feel woozy.


There are seven boxes to the greenhouse just waiting to be opened and put together.  Thats not going to happen until this snow and ice are gone.  I sure hope its easy to put together.  Sonny and I are not known for our building abilities even if it is a big puzzle.  We are still fighting the leaks on the shower we put in.  We will have to get some professional to put in a real tile one this Spring. So we will keep our fingers crossed that all the pieces needed to build the greenhouse are there in those boxes and that I can keep Sonny following the directions.

Boxes full of Greenhouse puzzle pieces.


2 Responses to RECOVERY

  1. James Bates says:

    ha ha ha read this on my Droid2 earlier today, and I misplaced my glasses again, so I thought it said Linda was resting and recovering, so I just assumed she had gotten the flu bug or something. lol

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