The temperature was in the high 30’s today with the sun peaking through ever once in a while.  Earlier this week Linda mentioned it was time to get the chicken coop cleaned out so today was as good as any.

Tractor Training

We used the bucket on the tractor to dump the poop and straw on the garden. This should help us out when growing season starts.


2 Responses to COOP CLEANING DAY

  1. ron says:

    I have found that sawdust, can get small amounts free sawdust at arby glaspell sawmill, is easier to clean out and can put the cleanout directly on garden and plow under with a little lime to offset acid in sawdust
    sawdust absorbs all moisture and most odors much easier to shovel and does not clump up like straw because chickens keep everything scratched up and mixed.

  2. Sonny says:

    The sawmill is just up the road from us. We may have to stop in the office and see what they can do for us. I think just a few storage bins will be all we need.

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