Well after waiting a year and a half, we finally decided to get a tractor for our fledgling farm.

Kubota L2800

We have been needing a tractor with a bucket for a while now. So yesterday on my way home I stopped by Parcs Kubota outside of Salem to figure out which one I wanted. The L series is a little bigger and looks more like a tractor then the smaller B series even though they have similar options. We wanted to be able to bush hog our back 40 and still be able to use it for large jobs as they come along.

I decided on the L2800 30hp Diesel 4×4 with a front end loader. At the last minute I decided to also get a bush hog while I was at it. I called John and told him about it last night and asked if we could use his F-250 and his trailer to pick it up Friday morning. Lucky for me, he agreed.

We got it loaded and chained down and headed up the road towards my place with no problems until we turned off the 2 lane onto the 8 mile long dirt road. We went about 1/8 mile and ran into trouble. Even his 4WD began slipping as we headed up the first icy hill. We just couldn’t make it pulling the trailer. After we slid down the hill and John was able to keep the trailer from jack-knifing we got the tractor unloaded.

I drove it the rest of the way home. That also gave me a chance to spend some learning time on it without anyone watching if I goof up. When I got to Pot Hole Farm I immediately got going clearing the snow off the driveway. Tomorrow we will need to get more firewood cut up and the buck will come in very hand for chunking the cut logs into.



  1. Rich Wilson says:

    Good call Sonny and Linda. You can ALWAYS use that tractor. It will come in handy for practically everything because it has the PTO which will alow you to power anthing you want. xxx Stay warm!

    • Sonny says:

      We will be using the bush hog in the two north fields here pretty soon. There are trees that need to come down and we want to keep the thorns/stickers down before they get green. Fencing after that.

  2. Your children says:

    Does it have a compass in the stock too?

  3. Bob & Crys says:

    Congratulations! Now you’re a REAL farmer.


  4. Kevin Varnon says:

    I understand Kubota’s good tractor. Course all ever used was an old Model G John Deere that lasted, oh, 50 yrs! The other guy’s right though; you’ll use that thing constantly and wonder how you lived w/o it.

  5. Sonny says:

    Between yesterdays clearing the driveway, today using for cleaning the chicken coop and dumping it into the Garden and taking it in the woods to help get firewood I’m already a believer.

  6. James Bates says:

    Yea those tractors are Very useful. One of my jobs my sister did was turn over the compose pile she had started years ago. I could not grade the drive way worth a crap though. It is hard than it sounds

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