Yesterday afternoon when Sonny and I went to check on the chickens in the coop we heard something we have not heard since last summer.  Coyote’s.  We went out a little earlier than usual at about 4:00 and surprised to hear them.  Dusk or later is a more apt time to hear them.

In the not so far distance, we heard 2-3 giving a howl type barking sound. It was a creepy sound that sent chills up and down my spine.  The ghastly howls echoed around our mountain soup bowl, but we figured they were just on the other side of the hill behind the chicken coop.

We listened for a few minutes thinking they might move on, but they continued.  Sonny went into the house and brought back his 2o gauge squirrel shot gun.  He handed it to me and showed me how to chamber a round which I quickly did and shot it out toward the woods.  The howling barks stopped immediately, but I shot another one for good measure.

We don’t want the coyotes feeling comfortable coming too close to the farm.  They can keep their distance.  As disturbing as the coyote howls are it is a mixed feeling of that’s creepy and that’s cool.

Sonny did one more honey do job this afternoon.  He crawled under the house and wrapped some of the water pipes that we had missed with insulation.  We are expecting the temperature to get down to 14 degrees tonight.  Don’t feel too sorry for him having to go under there because he had hot out of the oven chocolate chips cookies and coffee waiting for him when he came in.


5 Responses to COYOTE’S ARE NEAR

  1. ron says:

    i live in doddridge co also

    i believe it is romance time for coyotes
    been hearing them also
    most likely will be den area near where they howling

  2. Pat Jobe says:

    glad to hear Linda can handle the 20 gage and the coyotes my be just spooning and not looking for a free meal.

  3. James Bates says:

    don’t mess with Linda, might get pepper with buck shot

  4. Rich Wilson says:

    Good for you Linda! Yes, get a handle on the 20 guage. It will come in useful I am sure. xx P.s. Any of those cookies Sonny failed to eat left over :).

    Be well.

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