I got up this morning at six o’clock hoping to get out of the house by nine to go do the shopping I didn’t do yesterday.  As you all already know living off grid means going out no matter what the weather to start the generator when there is no sun in the forecast.

Icy car window

Ruby and Moby went out of the door ahead me.  Ruby’s feet hit the brick walkway and slid, Moby stepped on it as if he was stepping on egg shells.  I gingerly stepped out and walked like a penguin all the way to the generator.  I tried to keep off the packed down snow trails we have been walking on because they were the most slick.

The top of the generator had an icy cap covering the hood.  I opened it with no problems and pressed the start button.  It started right up without any hesitation.  Sometimes when it is very cold out it likes to kind of wheeze a little before it kicks in and starts up.  The temperature wasn’t all that cold though.  I guess we had an icy rain all night, but it should turn into a regular rain by early afternoon.  I gave the brick walkway a dose of deicer so none of us will break a leg trying to ice skate across it.

We have been using our back up gas generator for a few days.  It’s a good idea to use it once in a while to make sure its still in working order.  I knew it was going to rain last night so I covered it with a tarp and switched everything over to the propane generator we usually use.  Changing over generators is just a flip of a switch in the battery cabinet.  Sonny wired up a plug there for the spare generator and the switch turns the power on to it when we want to use it. The spare generator is stored in the battery cabinet.  I can drag it out, but it’s too heavy for me to lift back in.  Sonny will have to do that job when he gets home today.

Covered Generator



  1. James Bates says:

    reckon you are just a Trooper doing all stuff. Seems like you know what you are doing. WOW! You are one tough lady. I bet that, pioneer women were a lot like U! hmmm that reminds me….you should write a Bestseller~!!!!

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