The weather today is actually pretty mild although I believe more snow is on the way.  I opened the coop hatch today to at least give the chickens a little fresh air and the chance to get out and stretch if they felt like it.

There’s nothing like a good dust bath to freshen your feathers after days of being locked up in the coop.  Two of my hens found a nice little spot in the corner of the pole barn.  They were happier than two hogs in a mud hole, rolling themselves in the dirt and then shaking out their feathers.

Mabel, your feathers are looking just fabulous.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the girls found them and joined in.  The Rooster stood around watching his ladies like a husband patiently waiting for his wife at the beauty shop.  I think he was glad they were happy.  Could you imagine being stuck in a coop with a bunch of crabby hens because they’re having a bad feather day?

Hey let us get in there too!

With the chickens out for the day I decided to do a little sprucing up in the coop.  I scooped out some of the fresh poop out and put down some fresh straw.  The girls should feel better today.  A fresh coop and a day at the dust spa is just what they needed on a dreary winter day.



  1. James Bates says:

    Oh I am sure the rooster was thinking like a true male. “Waiting on the ladies to get done in the beauty shop” …That is what a female thinks the male is thinking!! In reality….we are thinking “like What? Nothing I’m not thinking about anything! Just watching and thinking of NOTHING”! HA HA LOL

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