Yesterday the forty pound propane bottle connected to the generator ran out and I had to turn on our second bottle.  I was going to wait until tomorrow to take it to Tractor Supply to swap it out for a filled one, but John and Carol asked if I wanted to go with them to Fosters Feed Store in Weston today.  We would also make a pitstop by Tractor Supply.  Sounded like a good deal to me and it would be fun to have someone to talk to on the trip.

The propane bottles are not too heavy when they are empty so I was able to disconnect it and carry it to the back of the Jeep.  We have a square plastic container that the bottle sits in to keep it stable during transport.  I then hook a ratchet strap to the eyelets on the back of the seat and tighten it down.

Now the bottle won’t be rolling around the back of the Jeep as we traverse the five mile pot hole infested road to the smoother blacktop one.  I would only have to take it as far as my cousin’s house because we were going to take his flatbed truck to pick up dog food and feed.

With the bottle all strapped in nice and tight my job was done and I closed the back hatch of the Jeep.  I happened to look down and noticed something had spilled down the side of my clean jeans.  Man, now I was going to have to change my clothes before I went to John and Carols and out to town.  I thought it must have been from the propane bottle when I picked it up.

There was a little splotch of the substance on the right pocket of my Carhart coat and I wiped it off with a wet paper towel.  I hung my coat on the peg in the mud room.  I wasn’t going to wear it to town.  That’s my work coat.

With a fresh pair of jeans and my going to town coat on I was just about to go out the door when a thought occurred to me….”EGG!”  I forgot that when I went to the chicken coop that morning I had put an egg in my right pocket.  When I lifted the propane bottle and slammed it against my hip to steady it, it must have exploded the egg like a bullet through a watermelon.  It was one of the large eggs too.

I hesitantly reached my hand toward the coat pocket knowing that what was inside was going to feel totally disgusting.  I thought it best to just dig right in and get it over with. I pulled out a handful of cold slimy goo and broken shell, then tried to wipe out the residue with a paper towel.  Looks like my new coat was going to get its first whirl in a washer.

I put that episode behind me and looked forward to going to Fosters Feed store. I had never been there before and wanted to compare their prices on chicken feed and dog food.  I also looked forward to an enjoyable lunch with John and Carol at The Hickory House.  They have a great BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

John transferred the propane bottle to the back of Festus their white flatbed truck. It used to be called Whitie until they put the chrome donkey hood ornament on the front.

We made our first stop at Tractor Supply and when John took the bottle off the back of the truck I noticed he had yellow egg yolk dripped down his pant leg and the propane bottle was splattered with it.  That egg was starting to spread itself around like an alien life form.  The only person who wasn’t infected with it was Carol.

Now the propane bottle is sitting in a cage nestled against other bottles.  Soon it will be loaded onto another truck where it will smear itself on some other unsuspecting driver and be transported to the main distribution center where it can infect others.  So, be careful.  Very careful, your next bottle of propane may have a splotch of alien goo just waiting to smear itself on your pant leg.


3 Responses to GAS BOTTLES AND GOO

  1. James Bates says:

    ha ha…did not have my glasses on, though it said Gas Bottles and GOD. Since I am getting old, I kept reading to see where God played a role with the Gas Bottle. Almost as bad as the egg LOL>>>>> like “HA!!! now I remember where that egg is!!!” that is funny….
    so how long before you connected the two, 10 minutes. Done THAT before!!!

  2. Sonny says:

    I actually thought the same thing. Finally put it together at the end.

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