It’s good to be back home! I know it has been almost three weeks since I have posted a blog, but I’ve been enjoying some time in Texas with my son, daughter-in-law and new grandson. He’s a handsome boy and already recognizes his Mimzy. Yea, that’s me. At least I’ll know he’s calling for me when he gets lost in a store full of Nana’s, Grannies, Mamaws, Grandmas and Mom Moms. I would post a picture of him, but his Mom and Dad prefer to post them on their face book page. You’ll just have to take my word for it. He’s a cutie and already knows how to wrap us all around his little finger.

I tried to sneak him in my luggage when I left, unfortunately his Mom caught me before I could leave the house. If I had my way I would have brought them all home, but I don’t think the Air Force would allow that.

I believe it’s considered a sacrilege if you leave the great state of Texas without having BBQ, so the kids took me to a local restaurant called Packsaddle BBQ. The pulled pork sandwich was superb. If your ever in San Angelo check it out.

After warm days that were in the sixties and seventies coming home to temps in the twenties was a shock. On the flight home, our plane hit some rough turbulence when we flew over Charleston, WV. That’s where we hit the cold front. A bouncing plane in the pitch black of night is not a fun experience.

The skies have been grey and Pot Hole Farm had a light dusting of snow when I came home. It felt good to pull into the driveway and see our little homestead nestled in the hills. Coming home is like a sigh of relief or a cold drink of water after being in the desert. No matter where you’ve been or how much fun you’ve had it always feels good to kick your shoes off in your own nest. It’s a bit bittersweet though. I miss the kids already. After being gone so long there will be a lot to catch up on especially since Christmas is right around the corner. I better get busy.


5 Responses to BACK HOME

  1. Clarissa says:

    Beef!!!! Not pork! That was brisket. No stinkin pork in these parts. 🙂 we’re glad you had a good time. Hopefully we will be closer to home soon!

  2. Bob & Crys says:

    Hey, Mimzy! Put a link to those facebook pages!

  3. James Bates says:

    Maybe they can come to PHF for christmas. I was wondering why there were very little blogs. You might of said you were going to visit, but I missed it. I think if I went to WV, my girly parts might scream like a little girl. I live as far south as you can get in Alabama, even though sometimes it can drop below 30, it is only for a day or so. I am glad you all are home and safe. ha ha When ever I rode in a airliner, and it hit a bump….i would think .”i’m going to die” every time ha ha

  4. Clarissa says:

    I wish we could come home for Christmas. Maybe next year. Baby is still going for newborn appointments. Stay warm Mimzy!!

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