November 2, 2010



Everyone said that Moby was too cute and lovable to be a barn cat.  I think they all had bets on how long it would take before he would weasel his way into our hearts and into the house.  He would much rather snuggle up on your lap as catch a mouse.  I believe he decided early on that barn cat was not his forte’ and that house kitty would suit him much better.

Although he prefers the comforts of home, like napping on the couch, clawing my rugs and tormenting Annie our old tabby, he enjoys spending time outside with us.  He chases dry leaves blown by the wind or stalks the chickens while we do our work, but he is never far from our side.  He immediately starts to purr when you pick him up and actually comes when you call him.  He is lovable and who could deny that cute whiskered face anything.

Snuggle Buddies

He has the I’m going to make you love me attitude, but I doubt if he will ever win the affection of Annie.  Many before him have tried and failed.  On the other hand, Ruby babies him and tolerates his kitten antics of attacking her tail anytime she wags it.  So I guess I will need a few more barn cats.  Who Knew. Apparently everyone.


November 1, 2010



We bought a Sun Oven a few weeks ago and have been dying to try it out.  Today we had clear skies, sunshine, and free time from any other obligations.


Sun Oven


We decided to make a simple hamburger stew that included common ingredients we had around the house.  This is something I usually make on top of the gas stove. I did brown the hamburger first and drained the grease before adding the other ingredients.

The instructions for the Sun Oven recommended using thin walled pots that have a dark finish.  We used an enamel ware pot that came with a camp set.  You can get them in the camping section of most stores.  The ingredients I used were:

hamburger (browned and drained)

three cloves of garlic minced

chopped onion, carrots, potatoes and green pepper

celery salt (I prefer fresh celery but I didn’t have any)

beef bullion cube

chopped zucchini ( I had some I froze from our garden)

canned or frozen corn

A little dried Thyme, parsley, rosemary and a bay leaf

about a teaspoon of Worchestershire sauce

a sprinkle of dried red peppers if you like a little spice

water to make a broth

I believe thats it and of course any kind of stew can have whatever you choose.  We put all the ingredients in the camp pot and placed it into the Sun Oven.  The oven has a temperature gage and you can control the temperature by following the sun.  Full sun will give you a temp of about 350 degrees.  It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter.  We let the stew cook for about 4 1/2 hours.  Sonny checked on the placement of the oven about every half hour to make sure it was in direct sunlight. Letting it slowly simmer allowed all the flavors to come out and mingle together. The outcome was a tasty one pot meal.  Add a slice of homemade bread and you have a delicious dinner on cold evening.


Comfort Food


You don’t have to slow cook everything.  You could heat up a can of soup, or bake a casserole.  I am anxious to try baking some bread.  For some it may seem like a toy, but when you live off grid using a crock pot is a no, no.  I see this as a good tool to use in the summer when you need to use the oven but don’t want to heat up the house.  I think it is a good use of the suns power instead of using electric or propane.  That’s not to say I will cook with it everyday but I believe it could become a normal mode of cooking on sunny days.

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