Winter Preps

Even though it has now started to really feel like winter has started to show up a little more lately, we are better prepared then last year. Last year we installed a 30k BTU propane wall heater that performed pretty well for us but quickly found out that the cost of propane would prohibit us from using it as our primary head source.

So when the Tractor Supply Center got their supply of woodstoves in we got busy. We got a good stove, the double wall pipe and the flashing kit and on a clear Saturday completed the installation. It was the best thing we did all year.

Now the priority is to make sure I have a good supply of seasoned wood to get through the Winter.



2 Responses to Winter Preps

  1. James Bates says:

    looks good Sonny. I like wood fires too. Yep keeping seasoned wood will be a chore, might have to buy a cord or so

    • Sonny says:

      Actually I’m not doing too bad on the wood. I have about 4 cords cut up and ready along with a giant pile of logs just waiting for me to attack it. That log splitter has already came in handy and will be getting years more use.


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