Last week Sonny and I became first time grandparents. Our son and his wife blessed us with a healthy and handsome grandson. We couldn’t be more happy or proud.

Most people like to say “boy your getting old” or “does that make you feel old.”  The answer is no.  Not at fifty anyway. I have no way of knowing what I might feel at sixty or seventy, but so far I’m grateful to have reached this age.  I think I will be happy to reach those milestones as well.

We all wish we were younger from time to time.  We wish our bodies didn’t hurt, or that everything would work the way it used to.  Some people are obsessed with getting older and fight it by getting Botox injections and body work, but that’s just a paint job on an old vehicle. Unfortunately people can’t get new engines like cars.  What is a show piece if it has nothing inside.

Yea, we have a few dents, the paint job is faded and the engine might have a miss, but we’re still chugging along.  Although we are slower and the young sports cars fly past us we can still go on an adventure.  There are still new experiences around the corner and things to be learned.  Getting older does not mean your dead and I doubt when you crossover that great divide your thinking, man, I’m too old to jump this.

Getting older is an inevitable fact of life. Embrace it, laugh at it, live it, enjoy the gifts that it brings, like grandchildren and wisdom.  I’m sure our new grandson will have much to teach us over the years. Like his great grandfather, grandfather, and father before him, he will know everything. A veritable know-it-all.  I hope he inherits his mom and dads sense of humor, that he is tender hearted, and unselfish. I hope he grows up to be good man like his father and if him growing up makes us grow old then so be it. It is the circle of life.

Hopefully he will love us the way we are.  Sonny (Pop) will tell him silly jokes, teach him how to hunt, give good advice, and well… tell more silly jokes.  Me (I don’t have an official title yet ) will be the plump little grandma that makes him cookies, teaches him to love animals and music, and will get on the floor and play cars or climb a tree house.  I just have to oil the old joints up first.  He’ll get lots of grandma hugs and kisses and of course be the shining star in our eyes.

Becoming a grandparent is another phase on this journey of life.  I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything.  Do I feel old?  No way. I take life one day at a time.  Today I’m a grandmother. God willing someday Sonny and I will say “We’re great grandparents.”  Won’t that be something?


One Response to GETTING OLDER

  1. James Bates says:

    wow CONGRATULATIONS Grandma and Grandpa…lucky ducks. Josh is just now 21, and still breaking girls hearts. Michael is a lot like me, so he will be single a long time.

    you maybe 50, but you don’t look it. Nice comments about getting old.

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