Everyone said that Moby was too cute and lovable to be a barn cat.  I think they all had bets on how long it would take before he would weasel his way into our hearts and into the house.  He would much rather snuggle up on your lap as catch a mouse.  I believe he decided early on that barn cat was not his forte’ and that house kitty would suit him much better.

Although he prefers the comforts of home, like napping on the couch, clawing my rugs and tormenting Annie our old tabby, he enjoys spending time outside with us.  He chases dry leaves blown by the wind or stalks the chickens while we do our work, but he is never far from our side.  He immediately starts to purr when you pick him up and actually comes when you call him.  He is lovable and who could deny that cute whiskered face anything.

Snuggle Buddies

He has the I’m going to make you love me attitude, but I doubt if he will ever win the affection of Annie.  Many before him have tried and failed.  On the other hand, Ruby babies him and tolerates his kitten antics of attacking her tail anytime she wags it.  So I guess I will need a few more barn cats.  Who Knew. Apparently everyone.


3 Responses to HOUSE CAT

  1. James Bates says:

    careful…you might end up with a BUNCH of house cats. We will start calling you “the cat lady”. lol I know what you mean about not being able to turn your back on them….I have stray cats, that someone started to feed (my sister when she was living in the house). I could never manage to ignore a hungry kitten. A small hand full will let me pick them up. But I think my nieghbor either shoots them or dogs get them, because it seems I have a high turn over rate, of top male cat and top mama cat.

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