September 6, 2010



Labor Day weekend is the best description of what our weekend was. It was not a lazy laid back weekend, it was a work weekend. Friday we planned to take the lawn mower to the John Deer dealer for service work. One of us, probably me must have run over a root or something and caused a vibration problem with the deck. Sonny borrowed my cousin’s flat bed truck and pull trailer. He tried to put the lawn mower on the trailer, but the trailer wasn’t wide enough by about 3 inches. So we decided to put it on the back of the flatbed. We made some make-shift ramps from a couple of 2×6’ss and Sonny drove the mower up on the flatbed, but it wasn’t all that easy. The boards were to short and made the ramp steep and the mover deck dragged. It required me to help push the mower to get it started up the ramps. We got it up on the back and strapped it down with some ratchet straps. Off to the dealer.

On the way home we decided to stop by Lowes and pick up a log splitter. It won’t be long before we will need some heat in the house and we have to get stocked up on wood. There was a time when Sonny could have split all the wood by hand, but shoulder problems prevent him from doing that now. So Sonny and a Lowes salesperson got the thing loaded on the flatbed. They have better ramps than our wooden substitutes. Getting that thing unloaded was a job, but with teamwork we got it done.   Sonny had a big pile of wood split in no time. It was definitely worth the investment.

Making a Pile

We also did a lot of little jobs that needed to be done around here. We put up a proper clothesline, put up some shelves in the electrical room, cut grass the old fashioned way with a push mower and built a platform for the generator to sit on so it is up off the ground. We used 2×6 boards for the frame and then placed the generator on cement blocks. We then filled the frame with gravel. This way the generator no longer sits in mud or snow.   We did manage to enjoy a nice Labor Day BBQ with John and Carol. It was a great ending to a busy weekend.

Off the deck now


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