I would like to know whose bright idea it was to buy unfinished cabinets for the kitchen.  Oh…that would be me.  Can I just smack myself?  It seemed a good idea at the time and they will look very nice when they are finished, but what a job.   I have been looking at these plain cabinets hanging on the walls of my kitchen for over a year and have wanted to put a paint brush to them. I went back and forth between stain or paint and decided I would paint them plain white. It will brighten the kitchen and in later years when things begin to look drab a new coat will make things fresh again. I just despise applying the base coat of primer on the raw wood. It never seems to go on smoothly and the wood quickly sucks it up.   I decided to tackle the bottom cabinets first. That way the job isn’t so overwhelming. The camera captured the blue in the tarp but the doors are actually white.

Little Helper

I did have a little helper today. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and came back every time I shooed him away. I wouldn’t be surprised if little paw prints show up on the cabinet doors. Apparently, Moby has decided I am his best friend and knows I can’t stay mad at him when he puts on his kitten charm. I believe he has added a few more white stripes to his coat today. Bad kitty!


One Response to THE PAINT JOB

  1. James Bates says:

    it’s funny how cat can be. Strange thing you should mention cat and paint….two nights ago I had a very strange dream that some how the cat that runs around my trailer, got dunked in a big bucket of yellow paint. I dreamed this cat was totally covered in paint and it was dry. And NO I have not taken any cheat drugs.

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