This mornings weather was cool and Carol and I took a brisk walk before leaving for our usual girls day out.  Today we did a little window shopping and ran a few errands before enjoying a nice lunch at a local restaurant called Parquets.  It was almost two o’clock before I arrived back home and I was excited to find a new Country Living Magazine waiting for me in the mailbox. You know, the mailbox that is a mile from my house because the post office says the road is too dangerous for the postman to drive on… Yea Right?

Anyway, I knew then exactly what I was going to do when I got home. There would be no work done today. I had a date with the porch swing. It just seemed like a lazy kind of afternoon. Even the dogs didn’t want to run around the yard. With my new magazine tucked  under my arm, I carried a snack and a cup of coffee (hoping that it would perk me up) out to the porch swing. The coffee did nothing to ease my laziness. I guess there was no use in fighting the day, so I didn’t.  The dogs had already given in and were stretched out on the porch floor snoozing.

Although the afternoon was fairly warm, a nice breeze was blowing and it was music to my ears as it rustled through the leaves of the tree tops. All else was quiet except for the chirping chorus of crickets.

Walnut Tree

The leaves of the walnut trees are already beginning to turn brown and I watched as the wind plucked them off the limbs and scattered them across the yard. I could feel the undertones of Autumn all around me. All the signs are there.  One day soon we’ll wake up to find that summer has gone on a long vacation and left Autumn in charge. Until it is time for Winter to take over.   The sky has been clear blue with cotton ball clouds. I leaned back in the swing and watched like a child as the wind made shapes out of them.

A Red Tailed Hawk glided in circles on the currents high in the sky. He knows. He knows that Autumn is right around the corner. So do the birds. Their patterns have changed. I don’t hear many happy morning songs. They are off eating the dried seeds of the meadow plants preparing themselves for the long flight south. Oh yea, the tunes of Autumn are marching closer.



  1. Judi says:

    I am sooooo jealous! Glad you could enjoy the day!!!

  2. James Bates says:

    You make it sound so wonderful. I can’t help but remember my sisters porch in southern Alabama. She had a porch swing too, but they had a dog that would snore and fart. UGH! Kinda of ruins the moment, instead of thinking wonderful things like you can…you can only thing “O Lord HELP me”

  3. Sonny says:

    We try to sit out on clear nights and listen to Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe from ZBS.org. It originally came out in 1982 but they were ahead of their time. Audio Books are fun to listen to in the Off Grid nights under the stars.

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