On Saturday we got a chance to go to the Doddridge County Fair with John and Carol.  Next time we will be sure to go earlier in the week.  With Sunday being the last day, apparently Saturday is the “get ready to pack up day”.  We got a chance to check out some of the photography exhibits and had some serious thoughts about entering a few of my photo’s in next years fair (  Most of the animals on display had already packed up and out also.

23 Special at the Doddridge County Fair

But, the main reason we went was to catch the Blue Grass and Country music they had scheduled.  One of the bands was a local favorite called “23 Special” who belted out some excellent Blue Grass toe tappers.  Many in the band were Doddridge locals.  The Headline band was “Savannah Jack” and they were also very good.  Over the last year or so they have toured and opened for Kenny Rodgers and had several songs being played on the radio.  The lead singer Don Gatlin was related to the Gatlin Brothers but clearly their music stood on its own.

While waiting for the start of the music I caught a glimpse of an old gentleman sitting alone on a straw bale and noticed he was wearing a ball cap with Iwo Jima survivor on it.  I decided I had to go over and talk to him. I introduced myself and thanked him for his service.  His name was Bill Whitehill, he was 85 yrs old and had be part of the battle of Iwo Jima. Army soldier during WW II and after the surrender of Japan he joined the Navy as a Postal Clerk.  I told him that I had done 22 yrs in the Navy and he really perked up.  We talked for about 15 minutes and invited me to visit him at his house just a few miles up the road.  I plan to take him up on his offer.  Like Bill Whitehill, my Father-in-Law James Pippin, my father Harold Jobe, myself and my 26 yr old son. We are all Military Veterans.

Veteran Bill Whitehill Iwo Jima survivor



  1. James Bates says:

    I have a Tremendous amount of respect for our WWII vets! What a great bunch of people! A lot of snow birds (older folks that come and live at the beach during the winter) who are (or were) WWII vets. An older gentleman, of whom I have not seen back in the last two yrs, was at Iwo too, he had 5 amptracks blasted out from under him during that battle. He was the person who drove the amph vehicles to the beach. You should try to visit him, I bet he is alone. Good for you Sonny….thanks for taking time to talk with him

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