Every morning while the coffee is perking I go down to the coop and let the chickens out into the pen.  The dogs usually follow along with me. Yesterday when I entered the coop I spied two beautiful brown eggs tucked in the straw of a nesting box.  Like Indiana Jones picking up a rare archeological find I grabbed them up and put them in my basket.  I still get excited every time I find our egg treasures.  It feels good to be able to supply our own eggs without having to run to the store.  It’s another step towards self sufficiency.

The hens clucked and cooed while I filled the food bucket and checked the water supply.  They were out of water.  With the water feeder in one hand and the egg basket in the other I went outside to the rain barrel.  We have a rain barrel on the corner of the coop that is attached to the rain gutter. It has a lid to keep out debris and a spigot on the bottom that gives us easy access to the water.  It makes life a lot easier not having to tote water from the house.  I set the egg basket on the ground next to the rain barrel while I cleaned and refilled the water feeder.  Shiner and Ruby watched as I did my chores.  They were such good  and patient little dogs. I never thought to hook the egg basket on the hook next to the door.

When I stepped out of the coop door after returning the water feeder I was surprised to see one of my eggs broken, still in the basket and Shiner licking his chops.  He couldn’t have been more guilty.  I yelled at him, but it was really my fault.  I guess Shiner wasn’t the only one with egg on his face.  It was another lesson learned for me, but for Shiner….I think…not so much.  The next time eggs are within reach he would do it again. Although, he may think about it for a micro second longer.



  1. James Bates says:

    bummer….sorry about the egg accident.

  2. Sonny says:

    Ahh, next time we will know better. At least it wasn’t a basket full.

  3. Judi says:


  4. Clarissa says:

    Hahaha that is hilarious!! I can totally see the look on his face.

  5. Bob & Crys says:

    Oh, Linda, that’s hilarious!

    Love those fresh, orange-yolked eggs.

    Had a nice quick chat with Sonny tonight. Blessings!

  6. Sonny says:

    We hope to get some Ginny Hens coming up. They also eat bugs and tics but they don’t scratch. Great for your garden.

  7. Harold Jobe says:

    Well, if Shiner thinks for an extra microsecond longer every time he farts around with the eggs, it’ll only be 999,999 more times before Shiner thinks about it for a WHOLE entire second! Sounds just like a Pit Pup!

    Wish I could come home for some eggs… I’m hungry. 🙂

  8. Sonny says:

    Hey, he got in the back of the Jeep on Saturday and next thing I knew he was tearing a hole in the bag of Chicken Feed we just picked up. I guilted the poor thing to death. He was busted.

  9. Rich Wilson says:

    Humm…. Dogs gotta eat too. I think it’s super that they observed it all from the kitchen to the real deal egg and know by golly it’s good to eat. Lesson learned! :=)

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