Our redheaded girls are growing into young ladies.  Their combs and waddles are beginning to bloom and their tail feathers are starting to lengthen and fan out.  Like most adolescent girls they are starting to preen themselves, stretching their wings and showing off their long legs.

I'm going outside

Unfortunately they have the attitude of the Wives of Orange County or the Jersey Shore Girls.  If we could speak chicken I believe we would hear a lot of gossip in the coop and I’m sure most of it isn’t nice.  Feathers become ruffled and ultimately a showdown ensues.  It only lasts a second and I guess they are trying to figure out the pecking order.  They absolutely do not like to be told what to do. If you open the hatch to let them out in the morning they don’t want out.  At night it’s all on their terms.  If you try to get them in one second early it ain’t happnin.  We don’t have a gate on the fence so we have to go around to the main door of the coop, enter it and close the hatch.

Stay away from the door

If you shew them inside the coop, by the time you get around and enter the main door they’ve skittered outside again.  They are always attempting to dodge curfew, unless you come out when it’s already dark and they’re all tucked in beddybye.  Ah, nothing like Smart Alec teenagers.  They do like us though when we bring them some nice juicy bugs.  I guess that’s equivalent to taking them to the mall.



  1. Sonny says:

    Were hoping that is just a phase or something like teenagers go through.

  2. James Bates says:

    three word comes to mind….chicken pot pie

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