This morning started out overcast and rainy.  Nine o’clock came and went. I thought maybe the block layers would not show up due to the weather. About 10:00 the sun started to peek in and out and the sky cleared. Eleven o’clock Ronald rolled in with about four pick up trucks following behind him like a wagon train.  Behind one of the trucks I could see that it towed a small concrete mixer.  Four muscled men jumped out of the trucks and immediately started to work.  Ronald filled them in on all the specifics.  Within four and half hours they were finished.  I couldn’t believe how fast they worked.  Every time I checked on them they had a layer or two finished.

Moving right along

Tomorrow Ronald will tar the exterior sides of the building where the earth will be pushed up on the sides.  We will also have get another load of gravel to be spread around the side edges before the earth can be pushed up against three sides of the building.  All this will keep water from seeping into the cellar.  He also put in two air vents near the top of the building that will automatically open and close depending on the temperature. Before long we will have a working root cellar.

Nice job

Right now my meager amount of pickles and consort will look a little puny on the shelves Ronald will soon install, but I noticed we have some green beans coming on and the tomato plants are chock full of fruit.  The onions are ready to harvest and I think the potatoes are too.  We don’t have many of each.  Next year I plan to plant more so we will have enough to last through the winter.  This years garden was more of an experiment to see if we could garden at all.  Overall I think Sonny and I have proven that we inherited some of our ancestors green thumb genes.  Even if it is only on the tip of our thumbs.



  1. James Bates says:

    looking good! Remind me, what goes in a root cellar and why.

  2. Sonny says:

    Root Cellars provide a natural cool dry location for storage of potatoes and canned goods that you have made from your garden. Keep in mind that years ago most homes in the country didn’t have air conditioning.

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