Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th. We enjoyed ours with the company of my sister, cousin John and Carol. We did the traditional hot dogs on the grill with all the fixings and delicious side dishes. Of course there was lots of laughter. That is a key ingredient here at Pot Hole Farm. You can’t come visit unless you have a sense of humor.  Otherwise you won’t understand a word we say.  The rest of our week was extremely busy. Unfortunately it was time for my sister to go home to her own family.  We spent a great week together and I appreciate all the work she did to beautify Pot Hole Farm with pretty plants and flowers.

Sonny and I had to finish up moving our furniture from the apartment in Virginia. Of course it was scheduled for the two record hot days that have occurred in years.   Temperatures reached up to 104 degrees.  With all the soar muscles and heat exhaustion we needed to take a few days to recoup.

The chickens are doing great.  They love it when Sonny throws them a handful of freshly caught bugs.  It’s like watching a hockey game as they run around trying to steal the bugs from each other.  You have to have a quick eye to see who has the bug at any given time.  I do believe that two of our feathered friends are roosters.  We have conformation from Ronald that at least one of them is. Somebody is going to have to go.  There’s not enough room in the hen house for two little gangsters.

Root Cellar blocks being delivered

We had a pleasant surprise Saturday.  We decided to sleep in for once, but was awakened by the familiar squeak of the Green Goblin.  We squinted our sleep bleary eyes as we peeked out the window, while trying to stuff our stiff limbs into uncooperative clothing.  We were shocked to see a large red truck follow Ronald up the drive. It was loaded with the cement blocks, sand and bags of mortar needed to build our root cellar.  Ronald has come through for us again.  That man is a God send. So later this week the block layers should show up to do the job.  Before you know it we will have another project finished.

Pot Hole Farm is shaping up nicely.  It is beginning to feel as though we have lived here for centuries.  It’s not only because we have reached many of our goals but because friends and family have helped to form and build it piece by piece.  Their memories are imprinted in every nook and cranny.  I hope we continue to build happy memories and that the spirit of Pot Hole Farm will be one of peace, refuge and joy to all those who visit.


3 Responses to BUSY WEEK

  1. Clarissa says:

    Guess it’s time for your famous lemon chicken! Glad to see the root cellar is on it’s way to being completed.

  2. Pat Jobe says:

    Everything is going so smooth, or it seems so. We are so proud of you guys for taking on such a project.

  3. Sonny says:

    They will be here this Friday or Saturday to start putting the blocks up. Next will be to get the roof, door and insulation in. We have already talked to Ronald about what type of shelves we will need.

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