Last night we slept with the windows open and awoke this morning to a temperature of 49 degrees.  My sister and I were chilly but were still too groggy to get dressed for the day.  I mean my gosh we hadn’t even had a cup of java to breath life into us yet.  So I grabbed a couple of old plaid flannel shirts to throw over our night gowns. She was still a little cool so she put on a pair of jeans.

Very Vogue

She looked very sophisticated in her morning ensemble, baggy white night shirt, blue plaid flannel shirt, unbuttoned of course, blue jeans, and a pair of hot pink and white striped flop flop slippers.  Oh, and the matching pink toenail polish topped off the look along with a bed head of frizzy blonde hair.  I also looked quite stunning in my ballooned out nightgown, green plaid flannel shirt, and fuzzy pink slippers.  I believe my high class coif was pushed up and pressed to one side. Very Vogue.

With bleary eyes I prepared the coffee pot.  I put a little extra scoop in because my sister likes coffee that curls up your toes when you take a sip.  That’s ok I could use it a little stronger after the wine we had last night.  I’m not much of a drinker.  Could my sister be a bad influence on her little sister?   I’m just kidding. About the wine.  The coffee was just starting to take affect.


We would have given it to each other intravenously, but that just wouldn’t be right.  She could of handled that though since she is a retired nurse. Our eyes were just beginning to focus and the joints were becoming mobile when what do we hear?  The Green Goblin.

Here it came squeaking and bouncing up the driveway.  Since my sister was more modestly clothed she had to answer the door while I sprinted to the back of the house to put on something more appropriate.  Ronald and Vicki came by to help clear out the garage and get it ready for the cement to be poured tomorrow.  Thank goodness, another job will be done.  The garage will be finished and the root cellar foundation will be ready for the block layers.  An hour later my sister and I were sipping a second cup.  It was time to get the laundry going and plan the next flowers we want to plant. It is great to have her here.  It like a comedy show everyday and we know that laughter is good for the soul.  So is an older sister who is always there for you and loves you for your goofy self.



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