After the last big frost in May, Sonny and I thought the grape vines we put out had passed on to the great garden in the sky.  We really didn’t pay anymore attention to them and chucked the loss up to experience.  With so much construction going on around here we decided to wait until next year to replace them.  We were pleasantly surprised last week when we saw new leaves on all three vines.  They seem to be thriving now.  They must be some tough plants.   Speaking of thriving the garden has really taken off with all the rain we have had in the past few weeks.  It is difficult to keep all the grass and weeds out since it is so wet but the plants seem to be loving it.

Coming back to Life

So far the only problem we have had is some black fleas on some of the plants, especially the potatoes.  I’m not sure if that is the correct name for these bugs, but that is what Ronald called them.  I put some seven dust out to kill them.  It would be great to have a totally organic garden, but I don’t know enough about it at this point.  The zucchinis have blooms and so does my yellow squash and tomatoes.  It won’t be long before the pumpkins and sweet potatoes take over the far end of the garden.  They still have a lot of growing to do.  Only a few of the green bean plants came up.  I’m not sure but it is possible birds may have eaten some of the seed.  I threw a few more in the ground and we will see what happens.  A few more weeks and hopefully we will be able to start enjoying the bounty.


4 Responses to GARDEN AND GRAPES

  1. Judi says:

    Now Im really hungry!!!!:)

  2. David says:

    I think I know the “black fleas” of which you speak. I had some one a grape vine we had at our house. I’m not sure what they are but they are rather iritating. We never successfully got rid of them, but then we were allowing the grape vine to grow without help as it was the first year.

  3. James Bates says:

    I hate working outside in the summer, those little nats fly into your ears, nose, and eyes CONSTANTLY!!!!
    My dad had mature grape vines on the property in Nebraska, when I was a kid. He could never understand why there were NO grapes to harvest….lol YUM YUM YUM. We all ate them all.

  4. Sonny says:

    We have started using the citronella candles lately. Placing them under the table really helps to keep the No-See-Ems off.

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