Root Cellar project begins


Footer and framing

Well the Root Cellar project has broke ground and moving forward.  Ronald had the Kubota backhoe operator out today to dig the footer and level out the location where the concrete will be poured.  Before they even got started they had to put in a 10′ x 8″ drain pipe in the water drain ditch in front and cover it up to allow the equipment to go across for access to the digging area.  On an earlier supply run they had already picked up the rectangle drain material that will be mounted inside the footer to allow for a good drain system. This drain box material is also installed on the inside where the floor drain will be located. The backhoe was able to do much of the digging but the far side turned out to be a problem not allowing the bucket to get into position.  After Ronald, Vicki and Paul did some serious digging they were able to finish.
Next will be adding some additional gravel and calling in the concrete truck to get the footers and foundation poured. They will also be pouring the Barn floor and entry ramp. Please Stand-By.

2 Responses to Root Cellar project begins

  1. Pat Jobe says:

    Great job. You guys are coming right along. Once all this is built it will seem really quiet out there.

  2. Sonny says:

    I’m sure there will be some other small projects to come along but it is looking like some of the bigger dollar projects are getting done. We will need to get the wood stove and block chimney pretty soon. After that we will be putting in some insulation in the crawl space. It just never ends does it.

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