Memorial Day



On this Memorial Day we spent time with family.  We had a nice traditional Memorial Day dinner.  Nothing fancy, just grilled hot dogs, and all the fixings.  It would have been better if our son Harold and his wife were here to celebrate with us.  They are stationed at Goodfellow AFB in Texas.  I am grateful though that we are able to talk with him on the phone or by email.  Many families will never be able to spend time with their sons or daughters, mother, father or spouse, because they gave their lives for our freedom.  To them we say a heartfelt THANK YOU for their sacrifice and to all who have served.

Our family has had many members who have served our country.  My father in WWII, Sonny’s father in Vietnam as well as my oldest brother, Sonny during the Gulf War, our son Harold and three nephews in the Iraq and Afghanistan war.  It is not a thing we want them to do but we are proud of their bravery and outstanding service. God Bless them and the U.S.A.

Ronald stopped by this afternoon with his green note pad in his hand to take an inventory of the leftover building material from the porch project.  There were some extra lumber pieces that can be used on the chicken coop and woodshed.  After making his list he told me to dig out my checkbook because I will need it tomorrow.  I have been ordered to meet him at 8:00 sharp in the morning for a material run.  Actually it will be numerous runs.  Hope my checkbook holds out.


One Response to Memorial Day

  1. James F Bates says:

    you need to get this guy to work for Verzion…might actually get work done!! he he he

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