The tempature today was in the low 90’s. Thank goodness it isn’t too humid and staying in the shade is pretty comfortable. We don’t have air conditioning, but good insulation and ceiling fans seem to keep the house fairly cool. The sun may be hot, but it charges the solar system and batteries, which provides the electricity to keep the ceiling fans moving.

As I sit here on the porch in late afternoon there is a cool breeze calmly blowing in from the back pasture. Most of the porch is in shade now and the temperature feels comfortable. It is one of the things I love about living out here. There is usually a nice breeze and as the evening comes in the temperature cools down. Most days we are at least five degrees cooler than in town. Not so good in winter, but nice for summer.

Sonny and I decided to take a day off from yard and garden work and just enjoy the afternoon. We took his folks who are here visiting for the holiday weekend, for a little ride and showed them the town of Salem. We told them not to blink. Of course we had to stop by the Dairy Queen for a ice cream cone. I think there is an ordinence that states that if the temperature is above 75 degrees and a Dairy Queen is within 50 feet you must stop in to have an icy treat to cool you down. I certaintly don’t have a problem with that and my figure is a testamony to it.

Dad and Brody

So after a tour of the big town and a treat we turned the car toward home, but we had to make one more stop. My cousins farm is on the way and we wanted show my in-laws their goats and miniature donkeys. John and Carol own Buck and Doe Run Farm. They don’t raise deer though, they raise the cutest and sweetest Miniature Jerusalem Donkeys you have ever seen. When we arrived the Jennys were grazing in the furtherest back pasture, but Carol called them and they made a beehine to the fence. They are very

Mom with Brody and Walter

curious and had to see who came to visit, or better yet, see if anyone brought gifts of apple or carrots. My father-in–law now wants one or maybe two.


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