“Get Up” there is work to Do!


As all weekends go this time of year we were extremely busy.  Friday our day started with a trip to Salem which is the closet town to where we live.  It is has an IGA grocery store, a Dollar General, a few local restraunts, and automotive stores.  If you need seed, or a rake there is even a hardware store.  My favorite place is the Dairy Queen.  Like most small towns that were once a hub of business for the communtiy it has been beaten out by the box stores and shopping centers touting variety and cheap prices.  I am ashamed to say that even we have traveled the forty miles it takes to reach this meca of deals, but as we get to know our way around and what is available locally we try to spend our money closer to home.  Like the Montgomery Gentry song says, “This is my town.”

Since we came here with nary even a shovel we are trying to aquire the needed tools to keep up the garden.  This weekends purchase was a three pronged hoe and a spade.  We often look for tools of any kind at the Flea Market on Saturday mornings.  You better get there early or you will miss out on some great finds.  We are up by 5:00 in time to fix some breakfast, get a cup of coffee in the to go cup and get to the market by 7:30.

Wash Tub $15.00 Deal of the Day

Last week we found a double galvinized wash tub with original stand for $15 bucks.  It will be great for washing the dirt off our garden vegetables before bringing them into the house.  Unfortunately no such luck this weekend. Even though the clouds were gray and it looked like rain we jumped into the Jeep for our Saturday excursion.  Visions of booths and tables filled with all the items we need floated through our minds. Shovels, logging chain, tools, and anything useful were on the list, but the clouds opened up and the rain came.  When we arrived at the old Drive In Theater where the market is held it was too wet. Only a few diehard sellers were there and it wasn’t worth going in.  Disappointed we had to turn around and head into the big town to get what we needed. The tomato, sweet potato, beans and cabbage plants couldn’t wait any longer to be planted.

Cabbage Patch Kid

The rest of our time was spent at home. Sonny mowed the lawn while I planted some string beans.  Together we planted sweet potatoes, tomatoes,cabbage and put up a fence made of T-posts and cattle wire that will be used as a trellis for the lima beans. When we were done it was nice to look at the work we had toiled and sweated over and to be able to say it was good.  I think being able to work together in this way for a common goal brings us closer together.  In between plantings we had to stop now and then to throw the new toy we bought for Ruby.  She demanded equal time.

The Hummingbird has been flying by giving us the evil eye, so I guess the last chore of the day will be to refill the Hummingbird feeder.  We don’t a P.O.’d Hummingbird on our hands.


3 Responses to “Get Up” there is work to Do!

  1. Hello! I was wondering if the Flea Market you mentioned is still up and running and if so where is it located? Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for the info! Looking forward to checking it out next year!

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